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worklib provides employees with easy access to all workspaces within an organization and allows them to book spaces that suits their work needs and the people they need to meet.

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A workspace that fits every task

Company offices

Improve the daily life of your employees by allowing them to book different workspaces in your offices

On-demand workspaces

Offer new work experiences to your employees by giving them access to the 5000+ spaces of the worklib community of places

Work from home

Manage remote work by simplifying hybrid work rules and making it easier to log remote work days

Book the right workspace

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Workspace bookings made easy

Allow your employees to book a work space in your company's offices or in one of the workplaces available in worklib: hot desks, individual desks, private offices or meeting rooms.

A mobile or web experience

Group or team bookings

Schedule automatic weekly bookings

A wide range of workspaces to meet the needs of your employees

From team meetings to group workshops to individual work sessions, employees can easily book workspaces that fit their needs. They get all the information they need to choose the right workspace: location, services, equipment, number of seats, atmosphere, etc.

Sort workspaces by use

Recommended workspaces

Advanced search and location

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Organize your week

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Make work more flexible

worklib provides a framework for employees' hybrid work policy. The application enables them to organize their week according to their different workplaces and in compliance with the rules defined by the company.

Quick booking for all workspaces

Cross-calendar sync

Attendance notice and rule reminders

Collaboration made easy

A collaborative approach

By sharing their diary with team members or colleagues, employees can easily identify when and where their contacts are. In this way, they can organize themselves to meet face-to-face, reinforcing collaboration and social ties in a hybrid context.

Tips on networking in a hybrid environment

Team Contact Lists & Favorites

Attendance tracking

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Create team rituals

worklib helps identify the best times to come to the office or to meet face-to-face in an external workplace. The solution allows you to plan a meeting, a team lunch, or a workshop to meet in a different, motivating and inspiring context.

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Booking cost sharing

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Empower your teams with unique workspaces

worklib opens the doors of the office to a range of possibilities, allowing hybrid working to reach its full potential. Discover usage-centered work and offer your teams a variety of spaces to work in the right place, alone or with others.

Over 8,000 on-demand workspaces: Coworking, meeting rooms, closed offices ...

For employees

Organize your week and schedule your work locations

View where your colleagues or team are and meet them

Book workspaces in a few clicks and boost your work routine

Access unique workspaces for different working styles across France

For managers

End the paperwork and guesswork in tracking your colleagues work locations

Access your team's schedule and make it easier to meet with them

Create team rituals that encourage collaboration

Keep your team engaged and productive, with a dynamic work environment

worklib works with your everyday tools

worklib plugs into your existing apps to provide a unified working environment and a seamless data flow.


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A hybrid daily routine made easy

I manage a full-remote team - being able to reserve a collaborative space for our brainstorming meetings greatly improves my team's efficiency.
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I use coworking spaces when I'm on business trips. It allows me to have good working conditions wherever I am in France.
UX Designer
OCTO Technology
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I try new places and share my recommendations with the team. I love the ability to see on a map all the places around me. "
Why equip your hybrid employees with an application?

It's now a given: today, more and more companies are adopting hybrid work methods, combining remote and on-site work. In response, many workspaces now offer office booking options and flexible space for employees to work in the conditions that best suit them.

Setting up a hybrid space-based organization allows companies to tailor their workspace to their present and future needs, and those of employees, without having to commit to long-term leases. Employees can book different workspaces depending on what they have planned: an in-person meeting, a team project work session - or on the contrary, tasks to be done individually and in quiet.

Hybrid workspaces also offer more comfort and freedom to employees: they can choose to work in a coworking space, in the office - but also in a coffee shop, hotel, or from home. This flexibility is particularly useful for employees who have personal commitments outside of work, or those who want to diversify their daily routine and discover new spaces... And all of these possibilities improve employees' professional - and personal - satisfaction, as well as their productivity!

Setting up a collaborative organization is a strategy that pays off in facilitating these processes: by sharing with their colleagues where they work during the day, teams can organize themselves more easily by deciding where to meet and when. Managers can also plan team events to keep cohesion strong among employees - and they can do it in places other than the company's offices: a coworking space, a coffee shop... Perfect for changing habits and making team rituals more impactful!

For this, using an app like worklib's appears to be an effective solution: by facilitating both the booking of workspaces and the collaborative organization of employees, it makes it possible to make the organization of work considerably more flexible - while remaining within the framework of the rules defined by the company.

In any case, flexible workspaces are valuable allies for any company that wishes to adopt a hybrid work model: they allow employees to work, quite simply, in the right place!