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Implement hybrid management and strengthen collaboration

Promote your workspaces and provide your employees with a tool designed for hybrid daily life.

What are the benefits for your organization?

The office, the new culture temple

Make it easier for employees to meet in-person and create interactions for improved efficiency

Hybrid management

The right tools to manage hybrid teams and reduce admin work

A hybrid data driven policy

A hybrid work model that adapts to your organization's specific needs

Image Social Interactions
social interactions

Encourage coming back to the office and team interactions

Promote your workspaces to your employees and make them more attractive

Drive employees back to the office with social information: who will work from the office tomorrow?

Encourage interactions with a smart flex office, divided into different areas for different types of work

hybrid management

Give managers the tools to lead their teams

Encourage in-person team rituals to be scheduled in time and space

Inspire and motivate teams with unique third-party spaces that are out of the ordinary

Make it easier for managers to monitor their teams in a hybrid environment

Hybrid Management
Image Pilotage

Drive the performance of your hybrid organization with data

Track team-by-team collaboration indicators (attendance rates, etc.)

Identify and address looming silos between teams

Learn more about your employees' habits to improve your hybrid policy

Wall of love

Simplified exchanges and meetings in a hybrid context

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The flex office is seen as an opportunity to rethink collaboration thanks to a zone-based workspace use strategy that maintains flexibility while encouraging employees to interact more.
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The choice of the external location is adapted according to my tasks, when I have a less dense day, I find colleagues in a lively place, it allows us to discover new places, and to strengthen the conviviality
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Socially, there is an urgent need to equip teams to keep the link, worklib allows managers to better manage their team in hybrid and strengthen the proximity with our customers.

Workspace booking vs. Desk booking: pros and cons

Hybrid work involves redesigning the conventional office layout to embody a more collaborative and creative work environment. Find out how workspace booking can help you open up your workplace.

Image Key figure Collaboration
Key figures

New working practices and collaboration: hybrid environments, the perfect solution


of experts believe that the office is essential for corporate culture, and 66% that one of the key purposes are in-person team meetings (1)


of employees say they prefer to do team-building activities in person rather than virtually. (2)


of corporate decision makers plan to redesign physical spaces to better adapt to hybrid work environments (3)

Why switch to hybrid management?

Working patterns have changed considerably in recent years. Hybrid working, an emerging trend, aims to meet the new expectations of employees, as well as the specific needs of each of them.

However, in order to increase both employee satisfaction and company productivity, this new way of working must be orchestrated with rigor and efficiency. Building a reliable and relevant work policy is therefore essential. How can this be achieved? By implementing - among other things - hybrid management: this must be adapted to the new hybrid working model, encouraging collaboration and communication between employees - wherever they may be. This can be achieved by organizing team rituals, or by implementing flex office, which encourages interaction between the company's different teams insofar as employees are not sitting in the same place all the time.

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