Connect worklib to your favorite HR and workplace tools

worklib plugs into your existing apps to provide a unified working environment and a seamless data flow.

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worklib fits into your environment for a customized experience


Communication & calendar


HRIS Connectivity Image


HRIS Connectivity Image

Streamline HR management in the workplace

Use your HRMS to transfer and update your user list on worklib

Avoid double entries by synchronizing your employees' vacations and travel schedules

Make it easier to track remote work days and pay related allowances


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Organize your hybrid work week in one tool

Save your teams time by synchronizing calendars

Make collaboration easy by updating work location status

Get worklib notifications sent to your preferred communication tools

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Worklib and slack connectivity


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Connect your worklib account to your Slack account

Receive personalized notifications directly on Slack

Modify your schedule and enter your work locations directly from Slack

Your Slack status is automatically synchronized with the reservation of your workplaces on the worklib application.

Image Connectivity SSO


Image Connectivity SSO

Secure access to your app

Improve security and stop wasting time managing lost passwords

Put an end to errors related to manual entry and exit of employees

Manage access rights to the app

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Space management

Management softwares for coworking spaces and flexible offices.

Our partners : Nexudus, Office RnD ...

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Using a solution to manage your hybrid work environment is already a big step towards hybridizing your organization. But it gets better: worklib can connect directly to your application environment, whether it's your HR tools or your workplace suite! This allows you to centralize your space and human resources management, for greater fluidity and considerable time savings.

Human Resources Information System, workplace tools (Slack, Teams, Google Calendar...), or even Single Sign-On: worklib's connectivity is a precious ally to organize hybrid work in your company.

Indeed, the synchronization, notification or data transfer functionalities help avoid double entries, but also errors and oversights - and thus reinforce the solidity of your hybrid work strategy while improving the internal organization of your company!

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