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Improve productivity
and employee experience

Introduce new work experiences to your employees and keep them motivated.

What are the benefits for your organization?

Save time

Easy daily hybrid work planning and optimized commutes

Improved working conditions

Flexible work environment for increased employee wellbeing

The office pass advantage

Equal workplace standards for all employees, whether they work from the office or remotely

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Save time for your teams

Streamline HR management by making your hybrid work policy digital

Make it easier for employees and teams to get together

Give managers the tools to lead their teams in a hybrid environment


Create a workplace strategy to drive commitment and productivity

Remove unnecessary commutes to focus on what's important

Provide an alternative to the loneliness of working from home and empty offices

Leverage workspace diversity to break the daily routine and prevent motivation losses

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Support new work habits with an on-demand workspace solutions

Offer workspaces designed for different uses: on the go, for inspiration, etc.

Provide access to innovative and stimulating meeting areas

Foster serendipity and the creation of local communities in your organization

employee experience

Include on-demand workspaces in your employee value proposition

Attract young talents who want to live and work in urban centers and retain talents who want to settle in the suburbs

Enable unique work experiences in exclusive locations

Promote an improved work/life balance made possible by distributed workplaces

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Improved employee experience and productivity

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Give the wide range of locations available, you will always find a place near your home or wherever you are, depending on what you want to do, you can find a quiet place for deep work or a place to meet others.
Talent & Culture Business Partner
I use the app to find workplaces that allow me to get inspired and energized. Using worklib means I don't have to waste time looking for a space, I can book one in a few clicks.
Product Designer
OCTO Technology
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worklib helps us to attract and retain talent throughout France, but not only! worklib also helps us to support our employees in their desire for mobility by providing access to workspaces everywhere, with ease.
Head of People
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4 tips for maintaining a strong corporate culture in the age of hybrid work

As hybrid work becomes the new standard, a new challenge has emerged: bringing teams together around a strong corporate culture.

Key figures

Hybrid work, the new requirement for companies:


of employees now want to choose where they work from(1) and 43% expect their company to embrace new working practices, including hybrid work, in the long term(2)


of employees working on an activity-based working approach are more productive (4)


of executives say that hybrid work has had a positive impact on their professional and personal lives by reducing stress or preventing burnout. (2)

Why pay particular attention to work experience?

Employees' work experience depends largely on the organization of their work and the working conditions they are offered - offering them an attractive salary package is no longer enough to retain talent, nor to significantly improve their performance.

To achieve these objectives, it is now necessary to build (and maintain) a positive, caring corporate culture that emphasizes employee well-being and pays particular attention to their working conditions. This can involve flexible working hours, professional development programs to boost performance - but also the implementation of hybrid working, which meets employees' current expectations for greater comfort and flexibility!

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