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Optimize the use of your
corporate offices

Build a flexible and data-driven work environment.

What are the benefits for your organization?

No more vacant spaces

Appealing and easy to access workspaces for maximum occupancy

Workspaces adapted to uses

A wider range of workspaces to choose from

A data-driven workplace

End the guesswork in real estate strategy with actionable data

Image Flex office optimization
flex office

Manage the flex office

Create a simple model of your offices across one or more premises and set up access rules for them

Manage the occupancy rate of your premises, during peak or off-peak periods

Make it easier for your teams to plan their visits to the office

activity based working

Use on-demand workspaces to scale capacity as needed

Allow access to other workspaces when office space is at a premium

Define access rules to manage demand in line with your needs

Browse 8,000+ workspaces bookable by the hour or day

Image Optimization Activity

Free up or transform your available workspace

Free up vacant workspace or create flexible capacity on your own premises

Run these workspaces with our partners and provide additional services in your premises

Rent your flex workspaces on worklib on off-peak days


Drive your workspace strategy with data

Monitor occupancy rates for your offices, space by space

Learn about the needs and uses of your employees through their bookings

Leverage data to improve the layout of your premises and their workspaces

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Wall of love

A hybrid and flexible work environment

We need a tool like worklib to better manage the use of offices at our various sites, giving employees more visibility and easier access.
When no meeting rooms are available on our premises, I can find a room near the company for a team meeting.
OCTO technology
Workspace strategy

Hybrid work: everything you need to know about the new work habits

As work becomes more hybrid, companies need to rethink their entire structure. In this guide, you will discover how to change the way you work and where you work.

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Key figures

Hybrid work is an opportunity to leverage your real estate portfolio:


to 40% is the average occupancy rate for offices in the Paris region(1)


of companies are expected to introduce flex office by 2030 (1). This will allow them to reduce their real estate portfolio by 20% to 50%. (2)


of French employees want to work in different locations (coworking spaces, libraries, cafés, etc.) (3)

Why is the workspace important?

Workspaces are essential to the success of a company, as they can have a significant impact - both positive and negative - on employee satisfaction and productivity. Learning how to manage them well by building an efficient and flexible real estate strategy is therefore a crucial strategic issue.

The main challenge in managing workspaces is to create places that meet the needs of employees in the best possible way (a mode of organization known asactivity-based working), while maximizing the use of available workspace - and therefore savings.

In this context, hybrid working and flex office appear as effective solutions: by providing your employees with flexible locations, you offer them more comfort, freedom and diversity - and optimize your real estate strategy for more profitability!

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