The guide to successfully making the transition to hybrid work

Workspace strategy

Switching to hybrid work mode: the guide

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Workspace strategy

Switching to hybrid work mode: the guide

The hybrid work mode appeared a few years ago and has been gaining in popularity ever since - and not without reason: by combining remote work and presence in the office, this organizational mode has many advantages for a company, while offering flexibility and comfort to employees. However, its implementation requires time and reflection: discover our 3-step guide!

Step1: make your organization more flexible

Adopting a hybrid work mode involves setting up a " flex office ": by replacing the principle of dedicated offices with shared and/or collaborative work spaces, you promote synergy between teams and ensure employee comfort

To do this: 

  • make a diagnosis of the situation;
  • establish rules
  • redesign offices; 
  • analyze the results and adapt your strategy. 

Step 2: Move to other locations 

Companies wishing to adopt a hybrid work mode do not always have enough space in -house to offer all types of spaces adapted to the different uses of employees. 

It is therefore relevant to provide them with other places that can accommodate them: 

  • Identify the most suitable external workplaces;
  • set a budget estimate;
  • Make this type of place a priority to establish rituals to maintain cohesion. 

Step 3: Open your organization

Encouraging internal mobility of employees is one of the advantages of hybrid work: going to work in other company premises breaks the routine, reduces travel time, and encourages collaboration. 

Opening up your organization also means welcoming people from outside your company to your premises: this is what we call corpoworking. To set it up : 

  • Analyze the cost of your unoccupied work space;
  • reorganize spaces; 
  • take care to respect the standards of quality and comfort. 

The transition to the hybrid work mode must be progressive: do not hesitate to do many tests before extending your scope of action, and stay tuned to your employees by analyzing their feedback with an adapted solution in order to optimize the process in real time. 

To support you in this transition to a hybrid work mode, download our ebook!

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